About Us

"Marketing is not an event, but a process... It has a beginning, a middle, but never an end, for it is a process. You improve it, perfect it, change it, even pause it. But you never stop it completely." - Jay Conrad Levinson

California Media Has the Bay Area Covered

California Media offers an outstanding network of geo-domain Website outlets that envelop San Francisco Bay communities. Client ads experience ultimate regional and global exposures through our targeted audience plans. Return-On-Investment (ROI) rates are often significantly higher with the California Media systems than experienced with other types of advertising venues.

Reaching Your Customers Directly

Intensive continually updated content including the most comprehensive business listings, community events calendars, local news and articles, produce optimal ranking and organic search results. By placing ads on California Media’s top tier .com domain sites they will capture the visitors that are most likely to become your customers.

Targeted online ad techniques can produce long-term customers, populated events or enhanced corporate possibilities. Our network of more than 14 geographically targeted properties in the Bay Area, leading-edge SEO/SEM technologies, and partnerships with other geo-targeted websites leaders, mean that California Media offers your business optimum exposure to the largest pool of Bay Area consumers.

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